Public Tours

The Tower of London Guided Tour

Tuesdays PM 90mins Small groups

White Tower at Tower of London as part of public tour

Unlike King Henry VIII we’re not going to force you to go, but with so many key moments in British history having taken place here it’s truly a must see. We can get you in, and more importantly out, with your head full of its secrets and still on your shoulders!

Westminster Abbey Guided Tour

Mondays AM 90mins Small groups

Quire at Westminster Abbey

Oozing with atmosphere, a place where every corner hides a dramatic story. The royal church. The place of coronation. The burial place of ancient kings and queens. Location of royal weddings. A working church and a living breathing time capsule for the whole nation.

British Museum 7 Objects Tour

Varies PM 1 hour Small groups

Carved horse's head, part of the Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum

On this short tour discover that behind every object lies an amazing story. Travel with us in space and time, cross borders in the blink of an eye! The highlights of the highlights of the British Museum. Room for more if you have the energy or time for cake it’s your choice.

Artifacts Visited (subject to availability)

  • The Rosetta Stone (Ancient Egypt)
  • Ramses II (Ancient Egypt)
  • Winged Bulls (Assyria)
  • Lion Hunt Carvings (Assyria)
  • Parthenon Marbles x 3 (Ancient Greece)

Varies AM 1 hour Small groups

person with body painting public tour

Get immersed in art, but please not literally like this chap or we’ll get thrown out! Don’t know what to look at, find it all a little intimidating? Try this highlights of the highlights tour of the National Gallery. You don’t need to know anything to enjoy a great painting but we’ll tell you their stories and unlock a few of their mysteries.

Paintings Viewed (subject to availability)

  • The Wilton Diptych (Unknown Artist)
  • The Arnolfini Portrait (Van Dyck)
  • Pope Julius (Raphael)
  • Bacchus and Ariadne (Titan)
  • The Supper at Emmaus (Caravaggio)
  • Sunflowers (Van Gogh)

COMING SOON: Marquis de Morte’s Theatre of the Dead

Tuesday to Saturday PM 90mins Small groups

Dark night public ghost tour

Explore dark and narrow alleys, discover the secrets of the dead on the bloodied streets of Olde London with your (very) experienced host the Marquis de Morte.

LocalGusto Tours cannot be held responsible for any possessions, spectral materialisations, future exorcism costs, injuries (physical. mental or spiritual) involving the living, the dead or those souls in-between.

You're that person, you know the one who dies first in every horror movie because, despite all the warnings, you simply cannot control your curiosity! 


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